The congregation council oversees the work of the congregation and its staff. The nine members are elected by the congregation at the annual congregational meeting with three persons being elected each year to three-year terms.  In addition to the regular council members, some officers may be non-council members.

The current council and officers consists of the following persons:

President: Mark Dreisbach, term ending 2018
Vice-President: Kurt Greenawalt, term ending 2016
Recording Secretary: Tina Rabenstein, term ending 2017
Treasurer: Randy Stump, term ending 2017

Additional Council Members
*Marie Umbrell, term ending 2017
Molly Dubbs, term ending 2016
Grant Kurtz, term ending 2016      
Jodie Heffner, term ending 2018 
Joe DiFalco, term ending 2018

 Meetings of the Church Council are held on the third Tuesday of each month in the library room next to Sunday School. Meetings are open to all members of the congregation.  Meetings are scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m.


(all contact information can be located on the Contact Us Page)

Pastor: Peggy Sue Pfeffer
Secretary: Mrs. Norine Zimmerman
Organist: Mr. David Watson
Sexton: Christian Donati
Custodian: Pinky Mabry
Preschool Director: Mrs. Kathy Evanchalk
Preschool Assistant: Jennifer Stump
Praise Band:  Sterling Koch, John Goba, Sean Anderson, Kate Koch, Christina DiFalco, Vanessa German
Thursday 6:30 pianist: Penny Delp.